Drug delivery company

Invectors is a spin-off company of University of Naples “Federico II”, funded in 2010, to offer consulting services for drug delivery formulation developments to pharmaceutical/biotech industries and public or private research centers.

Invectors is a product-oriented drug delivery company focused on the development of improved pharmaceutical products with less side effects, and better efficacy.

The business activities include design and development of new delivery systems for diagnosis and therapy, based on supramolecular aggregates (micelles and liposomes) derivatized with bioactive peptides.

Invectors has a technical team with high expertise in the field of drug delivery with a special focus on the use of peptides as targeting vectors for liposomes or other aggregates filled with drugs for targeted and personalized diagnosis and therapy.

Our business concept is to become the partner of choice as a leader in drug delivery, particularly in formulating challenging compounds with liposomes and other novel nano-enabled delivery technologies, also targeted by bioactive peptides.

invectors drug delivery company - peptides